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Web Page Critical Care Society - 18/06/2001

Web Page Scottish Intensive Care Society - 18/06/2001

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Web Page CURRICULUM DOMAINS in ICM - 19/10/2003
Various curriculum domains in ICM with formal training assessment forms.

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Web Page A.) Intentensive Care Medicine: Training Overview - 19/10/2003
This is a detailed overview of training requirements in intensive care medicine, written by Dr. John Kinsella, Glasgow.

Web Page Images of bronchoscopic views of airway anatomy - 27/04/2003
There are multiple images of various airway management, anatomy and equipment. It deals with both paediatric and adult airways. Very informative site for all anaesthetists

Web Page Intensive Care Learning - 19/10/2003
List of Subject Areas: This contains grouping of intensive care subjects, based upon organ systems with appropriate links to educational resources (lectures, web sites, etc) and further sources of information. It contains details of the subject areas in which knowledge is required for intensive care practice

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