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Web Page Reach Website - 07/02/2003
Homepage of the Association for Children with Hand and Arm Deficiency. The Association provides support to children and their families.

Web Page The Limbless Association - UK - 07/02/2003
The Limbless Association provides information, advice and support for people of all ages who are without one or more limbs. It has a nationwide network of volunteer visitors (within the UK) who are all amputees themselves, offering support and encouragement to prospective amputees, carers and those already trying to come to terms with limb loss or deficiency.

Web Page The Murray Foundation - 07/02/2003
The Murray Foundation was established by David Murray in November 1996 as a support service for amputees and their families in Scotland. Among other support activities, they stage events and provide leaflets, video and audio tapes, and other useful information for amputees and their families.

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Web Page Li nks to helpful Publications for Amputees - 07/02/2003
Some useful publications of value to amputees.

Web Page National Amputee Statistical Database - 07/02/2003
The National Amputee Statistical Database Annual Reports provide demographic, diagnostic and activity information on new amputations referred to UK prosthetic services. The reports are provided to advise and inform clinicians, managers, service providers, companies contracting with the NHS, and those concerned with healthcare commissioning.

Web Page Sporting Opportunities - 07/02/2003
US Website providing links to sporting organisations showing oportunities and support for amputees.

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