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Web Page Alta Vista - 12/04/2001

Web Page Ask Jeeves - 12/04/2001
The search engine that lets you ask a question and gives you the 'best fit' answer from a search of the web.

Web Page BUBL Search Engine Portal - 02/05/2002
BUBL's excellent and comprehensive set of links to general search engines on the Internet.Includes the Meta search engines and Directories.

Web Page Glasgow University's Search Engine Gateway - 11/04/2001
Glasgow University's 'search the Internet' gateway to a whole host of search engines. Has useful info about each one included.

Web Page - 24/04/2001
A great search engine for health information

Web Page Google's Images Search Engine - 15/01/2002
A superb image search engine that crawls the web looking for images with a reference to the search terms selected by the searcher. In beta version at present. A fantastic way of finding useful educational resources in healthcare.

Web Page Links to Medical Search Engines - 01/10/2001
A set of links to medical search engines provided by the European School of Internal Medicine website.

Web Page Scoot Business Directory search - 31/07/2001
Their business directory puts you in touch with thousands of businesses by email, phone, fax or Vodafone’s text messaging service.Type in what you are looking for and where in their boxes and click Scoot! They also have a Cinema search.

Web Page Yahoo - 12/04/2001

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