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Web Page Against Breast Cancer Homepage - 30/08/2001
This Breast Cancer Charity's homepage provides information about breast cancer and its incidence, causes, symptoms and therapies.

Web Page Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care - 16/05/2002
Scotland's national umbrella and representative body for palliative care. The Partnership aims to improve and extend the care and support available in Scotland for people with progressive conditions such as cancer particularly towards the end of their lives. The site tells you more about palliative care and about the Partnership's activities and publications.

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Web Page Cancer Risk - 12/04/2001

Web Page Cancer Pages - 30/08/2001
Provides useful information about different types of cancers and gives some useful tips on risk reduction and options available to patients diagnosed with cancer.

Web Page CancerWeb - 04/12/2001
UK based database of malignant disease including general issues and specific cancers. Links to other sites

Web Page CancerWeb - 04/12/2001
UK based database of information for patients and their families. Covers general aspects of malignant disease and specific cancers

Web Page Imperial Cancer Reserach Fund - Cancer Information Centre - 30/08/2001
An excellent site providing clinical and practical information about over 30 cancers.

Web Page Leukaemia Research Fund - 11/01/2003
Web site of the Leukaemia Research Fund, the only UK national charity devoted to research into the causes, treatment and prevention of all forms of leukaemia, lymphoma and related blood cancers. The site contains the full text of the FUnd's patient information booklets and links to many sites of relevance. All content is freely available without registration.

Web Page Patient Cancer Links and Resources - 27/09/2001
A good (US-based) set of links and resources for Cancer patients.

Web Page The Breast Clinic - 11/01/2003
Providing information on most aspects of breast disease including symptoms, investigations, surgery, mammography etc. There is also a lively discussion forum for exchange of information with other visitors. Site written and maintained by breast surgeon.

Web Page The Cancer Research Campaign - About Cancer Pages - 30/08/2001
Provides links to information about cancers, common cancers, reducing risk, statistics, family cancers and more.

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