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American College of Rheumatology - 29/03/2002
ACR guidelines for the management of osteoarthritis at knee and hip are published in full on the website. Useful patient information sheets written for American patients with rheumatic disease (including osteoarthritis) are also published.

Arthritis Care Website - 29/03/2002
Self help group for patients suffering from all types of arthritis. Web site contains details about the charity and how to join. The charity regularly runs arthritis self-management programmes which consists of 6 weekly 2 hour sessions designed to enable the participants to develop their capacity to manage their arthritis more effectively. A catalogue of items to help with activities of daily living is also available by mail order.

Arthritis Foundation (USA) - 29/03/2002
This charity's website contains extensive patient information about most common rheumatological conditions including osteoarthritis.

Arthritis Research Campaign - 29/03/2002
The Charity publishes an extensive list of patient information booklets, all of which may be viewed on the website. Two videos, at a cost of 4.95 each, are also available - ?Help is at hand? which offers occupational therapy and joint protection advice, and ?Reaching a balance-arthritis and the family?. Healthcare professionals are also able to view ARC reports on rheumatic diseases covering the management of osteoarthritis.

British Society for Rheumatology - 29/03/2002
OA and RA management guidelines are published in full. Links to other useful sites and a list of useful addresses for both patients and healthcare professionals is also available on the website.

European League Against Rheumatism - 29/03/2002
Website contains patient information sheets about the rheumatic diseases including osteoarthritis and lists European support groups.

Pain Association of Scotland - 29/03/2002
The Pain Association runs self-help groups for patients in Scotland. Offers a range of useful publications for the patient with chronic pain.

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Arthritis Help - 29/03/2002
Birmingham University Rheumatology department website. Contains information for patients with inflammatory arthritis, lupus and vasculitis.

Jan Sadler's Pain Support Website - 29/03/2002
Jan Sadler is the author of several useful pain books. The site has excellent guidance for people living with chronic pain. Advice about exercise, pacing etc. You can email Jan directly for advice.

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