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eUniversity (UK) Homepage - 22/02/2002
They say about themselves, "UK eUniversities Worldwide is the first national e-learning initiative in the world. It is a joint venture between all the UK universities and colleges and the private sector to provide an e-learning platform to deliver high quality education to a global market principally via the internet." Source = website 'about us' page 20/02/02

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eUniversity Documents - 29/10/2001
Links to the supporting documentation about the UK eUniversity

National Electronic Library for Health - 29/10/2001
"The National electronic Library for Health Programme is working with NHS Libraries to develop a digital library for NHS staff, patients and the public. This is a pilot Website... aimed mainly at NHS staff." Source = website 29-10-2001.

NHS University Prospectus - 29/10/2001
The online prospectus of the new NHS University in the UK. "We intend that every single member of staff will be able to update their qualifications through our own NHS University. And when we have built sufficient quality education provision, we will seek a Royal Charter to make our University the equal of all others." The Rt Hon Alan Milburn MP, Secretary of State for Health

Scottish Knowledge - 29/10/2001
Scottish Knowledge, "partner with government and private institutions around the world for the development of International Centres of Excellence, delivering customised solutions for Education, Training, and Research." Source = website 29/10/2001

Scottish Universities - VIRTUAL MEDICAL SCHOOL - Feasability Study - 29/10/2001
Health Minister, Susan Deacon, said: "The potential benefits of e-learning are great. I am delighted that the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council and Scotland's medical schools are leading the way in exploring this huge potential. The sharing of international medical knowledge, the breaking down of geographical barriers to learning, and more on- the-job learning are just some of the exciting possibilities. But we don't just want to use new technology to train tomorrow's health professionals, important as that is. We are also committed to improving the skills of the staff of today. That's why next week I will announce a broad package of new learning tools and opportunities for NHS staff here in Scotland."

Scottish University for Industry - 29/10/2001
"SUfI has been established to lead a learning revolution which will offer both individuals and businesses the type of learning they need - delivered how, where and when it suits them best. This site aims to keep learning providers informed about news and information on all lifelong learning activities around Scotland as well as giving examples of good practice." Source = Website 29/10/2001

SHEFC support Virtual Medical School Feasability Study - 29/10/2001
"A revolutionary approach to training tomorrow's doctors using the latest advances in e-learning and technology is being explored in an ambitious initiative involving all five Scottish medical schools...." Source = website 29/10/2001

The Future of Medical Education Discussion Paper - 29/10/2001
A paper produced from a discussion and dinner organised by The Royal Society of Edinburgh and The Centre for Medical Education, University of Dundee in association with Scottish Knowledge and the Scottish Council for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education

UK eUniversity Initiative - 29/10/2001
"The eUniversities project aims to deliver on-line in the UK and around the world the best of UK higher education. The project is being formed as a venture between UK universities and colleges and private sector partners and other strategic allies." Source = website 29/10/2001

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