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Association of Medical Illustrators Home Page - 07/12/2001
The Association of Medical Illustrators is an international organization founded in 1945. Its members are primarily artists who create material designed to facilitate the recording and dissemination of medical and bioscientific knowledge through visual communication media.

Institute of Medical Illustrators - 07/12/2001
Founded in 1968 to bring together the several disciplines of medical illustration, for over 30 years IMI has set and maintained standards for the profession. For its members, IMI provides a rich network of fellow professionals, working together to improve and develop medical illustration by means of conferences, courses and regional meetings.

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Designers in Health - 04/12/2001
Useful site although still in development - gives info snippets to designers in healthcare amongst discussion forums, seminars etc

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) IMI Census for people working in Medical Illustration - 27/02/2002
IMI is conducting a census of people working in medical
illustration (take that to include graphics as well) in the UK. NHS designers should contribute to this and will take 5 minutes of your time.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Medical Illustrators state registration information - 27/02/2002
Medical Illustrators and NHS Designers wishing to move toward state registration may want to read the DoH Chief Scientific Officer Dr Peter Greenaway's letter on the matter.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Transcript from Institute of Medical Illustrator's Conference 2001 - 27/02/2002
DoH Chief Scientific Officer Dr Peter Greenaway's address at the Institute of Medical Illustrators' conference in 2001.

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