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Sample Patient and Peer Assessment Surveys - 10/06/2003
The Americal Board of Internal Medicine webpage providing access to tools for 'Patient and Peer Assessment' questionnaire surveys and associated information. Good examples of the survey documents used are provided by following the link to 'examples of the survey'.

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Communications 101 - 27/09/2001
An article reviewing communication skills for physicians. (US based.)

Taking Charge: Communication Skills -- Key to Your Success - 27/09/2001
An short article from the American Health Information Management Association about communication skills.

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Communicating with Patients - Bristol Inquiry recommendation - 27/09/2001
The section of the Final Report which makes recommendations about communicating with patients.

Communication between healthcare professionals, children and their parents or carers - 27/09/2001
Recommendations relating to children and their parents or carers.

Competent Healthcare Professionals - Bristol Inquiry Final Report - 27/09/2001
The section of the report which describes some aspects of the communications skills required of a competent healthcare professional.

Improving the capacity to communicate - Bristol Inquiry Final Report - 27/09/2001
A section describing the nature of "communication" in healthcare practice and how the skills necessary might be developed through training.

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Effective Communication Skills - 27/09/2001
An online course ($20 fee) aimed at Dentists. The course outline and objectives are provided prior to registration. We have not taken the Course so have no first-hand experience. If you do, please let us know how it was.

Talking Tools 1 - Better Physician-Patient Communication - 27/09/2001
A great guide and Course handbook in pdf format developed by Health Canada.

Talking Tools II - Putting Communication Skills to Work - 27/09/2001
"The Course Booklet provides all the information and materials needed to run two separate, three-hour courses, each focusing on different communication skill sets. By providing a "hand-on" learning experience for practising physicians, Talking Tools II builds on the awareness-raising of Talking Tools I." - another resources from Health Canada.

Talking Tools II - Putting Communication Skills to Work Resource Booklet - 27/09/2001
"The Resource Booklet presents evidence of the benefits of good communication as well as a detailed discussion of a dozen specific communication skills and how they may be used." - yet another resource from Health Canada

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Communication skills courses for healthcare sector - 27/09/2001
A site describing courses that are run by the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Sussex in Brighton.

Communication Skills Tools Series from Health Canada - 27/09/2001
A great set of resources for developing communication skills for physicians from Health Canada.

People: Education, Training, Development and Governance in the NHS - 27/09/2001
The Seminar Report from the Phase 2 Inquiry Seminar on the topics covered in the title. There are references to communication skills and the importance of incorporating the skill as a cross curricular 'theme' in education and training.

Talking Matters Report - 01/10/2003
This SEHD publication, "is part of a discussion about what can be done to make communication easier for doctors.... It is no longer acceptable to pay the personal cost, and take the risks, that are the direct result of communication problems. Your comments on this are welcome." Contact details are available at the website.

The Bristol Inquiry Final Report Homepage - 27/09/2001
Enables electronic access to: "Learning from Bristol: the report of the public inquiry into children's heart surgery at the Bristol Royal Infirmary 1984 -1995" - Command Paper: CM 5207

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