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Reference Narcolepsy - 01/10/2001
Welcome to the Narcolepsy Catagory.

For those of you how do not know anything about Narcolepsy, then this is the Place to find out more.

Basically Narcolepsy is a Sleeping Disorder, It is a misfunction of the Brain Waves, where the REM sleep happens in a waking state. The Popular name for Narcolepsy is "Sleepy Sickness".

Sufferes are prone to fall asleep at unsual and unsocialable times through no fault of there own, and they have NO control over this.

Although Narcolepsy at present is Uncurable, it can be treated. Persons with the disorder who are treated properly can live a near normal life, with help and support from there Families, Friends and Employers.

If you know of anyone with Narcolepsy or you are a sufferer yourself, then browse through this Catagory and you will find lots more information, contact emails to help you.

Narcolepsy Expalined, Symptoms, Treatment and Studies and Research Pages can all be found throughout this Catagory.

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Web Page Narcolepsy explained - 01/10/2001
An overview explanation of the condition.

Web Page Sleepy Scotland - 28/09/2001
This site is for Information and Awareness on the Sleeping Disorder Narcolepsy. There is some good information in this Site, and is updated regularly. Sleepy Scotland is brought to you from Glasgow, Scotland.

Web Page Studies and Research - 01/10/2001
Ongoing Studies are happening all the Time, this Web Page lets you know what is happening now.

Web Page Treatment for Narcolepsy - 01/10/2001
There are a few Treatments for Narcolepsy, this Site will give a short insight into Treatments available at the moment.

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