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BMJ Website of the Week - 07/09/2001
BMJ Reviews - Website of the Week.

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PowerPoint Presentation Background Information about the CMC - 04/09/2001
This PowerPoint presentation gives a very brief overview of the Cyber Medical College used at launch in conjunction with an online demonstration of the functionality of the site.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Cyber Medical College Prospectus - September 2001 - 04/09/2001
This Adobe Acrobat file of the College Prospectus gives useful background to the College and explains everything about files types, educational types and the way the initiative development is planned.

Interested in working with us? - 04/09/2001
If you are interested in collaborating with us and would like to develop a relationship this page gives you a little more background information. Please do contact us.

Media Coverage - 04/09/2001
Some media reflections at and post-launch.

Word Document Pre-launch Media Release - 04/09/2001
The media release used pre-launch in September 2001.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Press cuttings from launch week - 07/09/2001
Press cuttings from National Press during launch week.

Video File Scottish TVs News Coverage of the Launch (Large File) - 04/09/2001
A QuickTime Vidoe clip (3.5MB) of the Scottish TV news coverage of the launch of the CMC. Large file for Modem download so be patient.

Video File Scottish TV's News Coverage of the Launch (Small File) - 04/09/2001
A smaller QuickTime Video clip (1.5MB) of Scottish TV news coverage of the launch of the CMC. Small file for Modem download but the quality is poorer. You will need QuickTime player to play this clip.

STVs Scotland Today's News Website - 07/09/2001
Website report of Scotland Today's broadcast on the Scottish Media Group's website. Has a RealVideo clip for those with the necessary software.

'Surgery on the Web' - BBC Online News about CMC - 04/09/2001
The BBC Online coverage of the launch of the Cyber Medical College during week of 2nd to 8th September.

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