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Many of the challenges faced by physicians and other health professionals do not result from the "difficult diagnosis," or the choice of management approach; rather, they flow from issues of ethics:

Does the patient have decision-making capacity?
If not, who is the appropriate surrogate decision-maker?
How should the physician proceed when the request to "do everything" may entail care that is medically inappropriate?
What ethical considerations surround resuscitative attempts?
How should the physician approach discussions about end-of-life care?
What is the role of "preventive ethics" in patient care?
What ethical responsibilites do investigators and their staffs have in the conduct of research?
What techniques may be employed to analyze and resolve ethical challenges?

This Department of The Cyber Medical College addresses these topics and more.

(The Medical Ethics Department is under active development.)

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British Association of Paediatric Surgeons - 05/09/2001
The British Association of Paediatric Surgeons has an Ethics Advisory Committee which debates various topics. When papers have been developed and accepted by the UK Members and the Executive they are published on the website.
The Committee also is available to respond to national documents with ethical implications, though such output would not normally be placed on the web. The Committee is a sister committee to the one in the RCPCH

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