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Developments planned for the Cyber Medical College

Welcome to the page that tells you our developments for the future of the Cyber Medical College. We have provided media information for interested journalists.

Our current priorities for development are:

  • Develop our relationships with potential Educational Members
  • Recruit new Editors to 'populate' more career pathways with educational content
  • Build relationships with Commercial Donors and Institutional Collaborators
  • Maintain the functionality of the portal and spread the word among healthcare practitioners about our goal and how they can benefit and help

Future developments on the horizon include:

  • Begin to evaluate the use of the website portal
  • Continue to develop the content of the career pathways
  • Provide additional services / resources for users such as online tools for professional development planning, record keeping and review

If there are developments that you would like to suggest please take a small amount of time to share your ideas and give us feedback.

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