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Guidelines on Contributing to the Cyber Medical College

We warmly welcome contributions and feedback from anyone visiting the Cyber Medical College. The following paragraphs provide some guidelines on contributing. Email if you or your organisation is interested in developing a relationship.

Registering your interest / Subscribing to newsletters
We have provided a facility to enable users to register their interest in particular areas of the Cyber Medical College. Once you have identified an area of interest you are able to register to receive regular newsletter emails from our Editors when new material is uploaded. Registration is a simple process and requires you to accept our terms and conditions and provide some basic information about yourself. A section of the Terms and Conditions tell you about our security of personal data and privacy policy and there is a section on disclosure of personal information.

Become an Editor
We are interested in hearing from anyone interested in becoming an Editor or Sub-editor. If you have a healthcare qualification and expertise in a particular specialty, or have a particular expertise in any area within the Patient portal we would like you to contact us. We have provided an online form which we ask potential Editors to use to provide us with the information required to allow us to follow-up offers of support. We would also like to hear from patient support organisations that have an interest in developing patient education.

Recommend a resource
We have created a facility to enable users to recommend a web site for inclusion in the Cyber Medical College. You need to register with us to allow you to do this and provide a little information about why you feel the website is of educational value. Once you have made your recommendation, the appropriate Editor will review it and if it is approved, your recommendation will appear in the relevant category.

Give us Feedback
The Cyber Medical College has been created for our 'users'. We are keen to provide as high a standard of service as possible but we need your feedback to improve the service and to meet your needs. Tell us what you like and what you don't like about the website. We want to know. If there are other services or resources you would like us to provide tell us about them and we will endeavour to find a way of providing them. The link on the right hand toolbar will take you to our feedback form.

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