Remember, earlier we suggested that before the annual round of appraisal interviews Trust planning should consider how your management personnel are going to:

  • receive and process the Appraisal Forms following interviews
  • analyse the information they contain
  • maintain the necessary confidentiality
  • identify and view recurring 'themes'
  • review the outcomes of the appraisal process
  • identify organisational objectives for the Trust's and transfer these to the organisational development plan
  • action plan to implement the new organisational development plan
  • fund the educational / development needs of consultants

With the above planning in place, and the annual round of appraisal interviews completed, Trust Management should be able to carry out an 'evaluation' of the Consultant Appraisal process. The outcomes should inform the organisational development plan in the same way that the Appraisee's own personal development plan is informed by his/her own appraisal interview. If pre-appraisal planning has been effective this should be a relatively easy process. It is essential that the Trust communicate effectively with everyone involved, providing positive and constructive feedback to participants, if the following year's appraisal process is to be perceived as being worthwhile.

In addition to the above internal review and evaluation process, the Consultant Appraisal 'Design Group' has agreed to undertake an evaluation of the Consultant Appraisal process across Scotland in 2003 at the end of the first year's implementation. To assist with this process Trusts will be asked to provide a Summary Report of their internal evaluation once this has been completed and this too should form part of Trust planning. The Design Group plan to provide feedback to the Scottish Executive Health Department to facilitate future planning at a national level.



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